Top 4 Classical Spanish Guitars

The top 4 guitars below have been carefully selected by our music professors and teachers. The selection ranges from entry level to advanced. The Camps Eco Ronda is the 2019 winner in terms of best value for money.



Camps Eco Ronda

Beginner to Advance
Cost: Great Value
Quality: Excellent



Description: BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. This is only slightly more expensive than the Admira Paloma, but much more artesanal and superior playability.

Cost: 215,00


Admira Paloma

Beginner to Intermediate
Cost: Low
Quality: Good
Description: This is a great beginner guitar, easy to play. inexpensive, good construction.

Cost: 120,00



Camps Son Sonata C /or/ S

Intermediate to Advance
Cost: Low to Medium
Quality: Very Good
Description: Same guitar, same price, but one is Cedar and the other one is Spruce.

Cost: 255,00



Alhambra 1C

Intermediate to Advance
Cost: Medium to High
Quality: Excellent
Description: This is a popular Spanish export. Excellent instrument.

Cost: 366,00